Kochi Toastmasters Club 132nd Regular Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: 15:00-17:00, Saturday, April 22nd 2017
Location: Room A327, Education and Research Building Eikokuji Campus, Kochi University of Technology/University of Kochi
Attendees: TM Shinomiya, TM Nagasaki, TM Kitaoka TM S. Nagano, TM Hayashi,  TM Tomonaga, TM Hashimoto, TM Adachi, TM Wong, TM Sawada, TM Cooley, TM Y. Nagano, TM Miyoshi, TM O`Dowd, TM Yamaguchi 
Absentees: TM Tsuchihashi, TM Kunisawa, TM Kumon,     

15 :00 -Opening address by S. Nagano, President of Kochi Toastmasters Club: President S. Nagano called the 132nd regular meeting to order. She also told the members that Mr Yamaguchi had decided to become a member of the Kochi Toastmasters Club after having attended meetings as a guest three times.

15 :03 -The New Member Induction Ceremony was conducted by S. Nagano, President of Kochi Toastmasters Club: After all the members accepted Mr Yamaguchi as a member of the club, Mr Yamaguchi read the Toast Master`s Promise.

15 :10 -Address by TM Nagasaki Toastmaster of the Day : In his address, he talked about how having meetings in the afternoon and more specifically in Spring was enjoyable since just thinking about this season made him feel happy.

Word of the Day: Word Master: TM S. Nagano : She chose the word `adequate'.

-Introduction of Evaluation Team:
-General Evaluator: TM Adachi                                                                       -Timer: TM Hashimoto  -Vote-Counter: TM Yamaguchi
-Ah-Counter: TM Miyoshi -Grammarian: TM O`Dowd

15:20- Table Topics Session  Table Topics Master: TM Sawada:
During the session, TM Sawada had the participants describe the first time they did something. The list of speakers was as follows:
Speaker 1: TM Kitaoka, his first time driving his car.                                                                  
Speaker 2: TM Hayashi, his first time using a computer.                                                                 Speaker 3: TM Hashimoto, her first day at work.                                          
Speaker 4: TM Wong, his first time going to Tokyo Disney                                                                      Speaker 5: TM Yamaguchi, his first time going to Starbucks              
Speaker 6: TM Y. Nagano, his first time going on a date                                                                          Speaker 7: TM O`Dowd, her first time doing karaoke                                                                   Speaker 8 : TM Nagasaki, his first time meeting his future wife                                                           Speaker 9 : TM Miyoshi, her first time snorkelling
-Timer’s Report & Voting               
15:40 -Intermission

15:50 -Formal Speech Session:

 -Speaker 1: TM Y. Nagano  (CC #4 How to say it, 5-7 min) Title-Unexpected Visitor
It has been 10 years since he last worked as a public servant. He worked in the welfare office examining the files of people on welfare that his office was tracking with the goal of helping them get-off welfare. As such he had to study everyone`s case thoroughly in order to best understand their situation. Because he was so busy at work, he completely ignored the signs that he might have diabetes. He even explains in his speech how he built himself a metaphorical spiritual fortress in order to be alone with his thoughts and ignore the inevitable and unenviable reality that he had diabetes. He called his diabetes an unexpected visitor, hence the title, that helped him become a better person once he realized and accepted the reality of his situation.

-Speaker 2: TM Hayashi: (AD #1 The Technical Briefing, 8-10 min)  Title- The value of Japanese Radio Exercise
Using a powerpoint presentation to help get his point across, TM Hayashi explained the history of Japanese Radio Exercise and why he thinks it is something important for living a healthy lifestyle.

-Speaker 3: TM Shinomiya: (AD#2, Let`s get personal 6-8 min) Title- My first encounter with English
In her speech, she told us a story of her first time encountering English. It was when she was in Kindergarten at a Catholic school. She met a very tall foreign priest who taught her the words for okasan and otosan. She was excited because in her mind, if she managed to learn these two English words, she would earn the right to be called a foreigner. And so she tried her best to learn these two words. When she felt that she had learned them sufficiently, she tried to teach her parents the words but could not. Despite this first encounter with English being a failure, rather than discourage TM Shinomiya from learning English it only helped fuel her motivation.

-Speaker 4 : TM Tomonaga :(AD#7, The Proposal 8-10) Title- Step out of our comfort zone
In her speech, she explained why it is important to get out of our comfort zone and also how to do so. She gave the example of being asked to be the chairperson for a speech contest. It was her first time doing it and as a result, she was nervous. After getting over her initial jitters she started to enjoy the experience and as a result the speech contest that she was in charge of was a big success. This experience taught her that being perfect is neither necessary nor desirable and may in fact cause you to lose motivation as you try to tackle a project or challenge. She also learned that you can help yourself by anticipating what might go wrong and have a plan in case that happens. Overall though, the main goal of her speech was to encourage us to get out of our comfort zone since we will never know what we are truly capable of if we do not do so. Furthermore, by stepping out of our comfort zone, we are able to experience new things that might change us for the better.

16:30 -Evaluation Session  General Evaluator, S. Nagano
    Evaluator 1: TM  Cooley
    Evaluator 2: TM  Nagasaki
    Evaluator 3: TM Wong                                                                                                                Evaluator 4: TM Sachi Nagano
     -Timer’s Report & Vote

16:45 -Reports :
    Ah-Counter, Grammarian, Word Master
    General Evaluator’s Comments
-Nomination Committee report was given by the Nomination Committee Chairperson, TM Tomonaga. The nominees are the following:

TM Adachi for President
TM Kunisawa for Vice President Education
TM Hashimoto for Vice President Membership
TM Nagasaki for Vice President Public Relations and Webmaster
TM Cooley for Secretary
TM Kumon for Treasurer 
TM Y Nagano for Sergeant-at-arms
Address by Toastmaster, TM Adachi

-Award Presentation: Best TT Speaker: TM O’Dowd, Best FS Speaker: TM Tomonaga. Best Evaluation Speaker: TM Nagasaki

16:55-Business Session was conducted by TM Nagasaki 
President S. Nagano requested members to write emails to <kochi_toastmasters@googlegroups.com > in English because there are three non-native Japanese speakers.
    Roles for the next meeting:
TM of the Meeting: TM Kitaoka
Table Topics: TM Cooley
The rest of the roles will be decided at a later date.

17:00 –Adjourn