Agenda: 128th Regular Meeting (2016.12.17)

DATE&TIME: 15:00-17:00, Saturday, December 17, 2016
VENUE: Room A326, Education & Research Building, Eikokuji Campus, Kochi University of Technology / University of Kochi

*Be sure to bring your leadership manual

15:00  Call to Order by President
           Introduction of the Guests

15:03  Greeting by Toastmaster:    TM Nagasaki
           Word of the Day: Word Master: TM Piper
           Introduction of Evaluation Team
             General Evaluator: TM Tomonaga
                 Timer: TM Hashimoto             Vote-Counter: TM Shinomiya
                 Ah-Counter: TM Miyoshi         Grammarian: TM Wong

15:10  【Table Topics Session】  Table Topics Master: TM Y. Nagano
            *Timer’s Report & Vote

15:30  Intermission

15:40 【Formal Speech Session】
   Speaker 1: TM Piper
     (CC #1 , Ice Breaker, 4-6 min)
   Speaker 2: TM Kunisawa
      (CC #6, Vocal Variety, 5-7 min)
   Speaker 3: TM Tsuchihashi

      (AD #8)

   Speaker 4: TM Kitaoka
      (AD #5)
      *Timer’s Report & Vote

16:20 【Evaluation Session】   General Evaluator
    Evaluator 1: TM  Adachi
    Evaluator 2: TM  Cooley
    Evaluator 3: TM Hayashi
    Evaluator 4: TM S. Nagano

   *Timer’s Report & Vote

16:40 Report
    Ah-Counter, Grammarian, Word Master
    General Evaluator’s Comments
    Address by Toastmaster
16:45  Award Presentation      President: TM Nagano
16:50 Business Session 
17:00  Adjourn

17:40  Year-End Party   Kazemachi Shokado https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000725467/


リレーエッセイ I ♥ Toastmasters 「いやぁ、スピーチって本当にいいものですね~」




(土橋 愛)



リレーエッセイ I ♥ Toastmasters 「学び続けたいと思わせてくれた」

私にとってToastmasters Clubは、やっと見つけた、生涯学び続けられる場です。





Toastmasters clubは、ちょっと知的な、大人の学びの場といった感じです。たくさんスピーチもしたし、様々な経験をさせてもらいました。でも、まだ完結していません。きっとこれからもスピーチ原稿とのにらめっこが続くはずです。



次の執筆者には、 Area Director土橋愛さんを指名します。愛ちゃんよろしく。


リレーエッセイ I ♥ Toastmasters "Fantastic!"

 “Toastmasters is a fantastic club!” I thought so when I attended the 2014 Toastmasters international convention in Kuala Lumpur half a year after I joined the club. Two or three thousand Toastmasters from many countries got together and appreciated listening to fascinating world-class speeches. It was absolutely an exciting moment of truth.
   The 2014 Kuala Lumpur convention, including the then world champion of public speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (He is supposed to give a keynote speech in this coming Fall Conference in Hiroshima) and many memorable experiences with my fellow members of and out of the Kochi club, has been the catalyst that drives me to stay in toastmasters.

(Kazuyo Kunisawa)

I would like to hand the baton to TM Nagasaki.


Agenda: 127th Regular Meeting (2016.11.28)

DATE&TIME: 19:00-21:00, Monday, November 28, 2016
VENUE: Room 2, Sogo-Kenkyu Building, Kochi University

*Be sure to bring your leadership manual

19:00  Call to Order by President
           Introduction of the Guests

19:03  Greeting by Toastmaster:    TM Sawada
           Word of the Day: Word Master: TM Nagano
           Introduction of Evaluation Team
             General Evaluator: TM Kunisawa
                 Timer: TM Miyoshi                Vote-Counter: TM Shinomiya
                 Ah-Counter: TM Shinomiya       Grammarian: TM Piper

19:10  【Table Topics Session】  Table Topics Master: TM S. Nagano
            *Timer’s Report & Vote

19:30  Intermission

19:40 【Formal Speech Session】
   Speaker 1: TM Cooley
     (CC #9 , Persuade with Power, 5-7 min)
     Title: Skin Deep
   Speaker 2: TM Tomonaga
      (AD #6)The Technical Briefing
     Title:It is good to be bilingual

      *Timer’s Report & Vote

20:10 【Evaluation Session】   General Evaluator
    Evaluator 1: TM  Nagasaki
    Evaluator 2: TM  Y. Nagano

   *Timer’s Report & Vote

20:35 Report
    Ah-Counter, Grammarian, Word Master
    General Evaluator’s Comments
    Sharing (5 min)
    Address by Toastmaster
20:45  Award Presentation      President: TM Nagano
20: 50 Business Session
21:00  Adjourn


リレーエッセイ I ♥ Toastmasters  "Why I joined Toastmasters"

To me, “Why did you join Toastmasters?” is a very interesting question which everyone answers differently. Many people join Toastmasters to become better speakers of English, but as someone who speaks English as a first language, I find myself excluded from this group. I would say that while I am a native speaker of English, I am not a native speaker of public speaking.

Giving speeches is like learning a completely different language. There are rules and structures that you must abide by when giving a speech that in daily conversation come off as just awkward or presumptuous. So first and foremost, I joined Toastmasters to try to become fluent at public speaking. After 3 years, I am still not quite there yet, but I continue growing as a speaker which is something that drives me to keep pushing myself to be better.

Secondly, I love creative writing, and strangely enough giving speeches presents me with this opportunity. When you give a speech, you should be excited and looking forward to people hearing what you have to say. Therefore, it is important to make a speech that is both personal and personalized that allows you to share an experience with your audience. If you give a speech that is dry and boring, it won`t be a good speech.

Lastly and most importantly, I joined Toastmasters to rid myself of my phobia of speaking in front of an audience. Ever since I was young, speaking in front of an audience, big or small, made me nervous. I would start fidgeting, stuttering and even sweating profusely as I tried to get my nerves under control. While I am still not an expert in this department, I have gotten better at it with each speech I give in Toastmasters.

That concludes my story. One of many that started by answering the simple question “Why Toastmasters?”So what are you waiting for? Ask yourself the question “Why Toastmasters?” and see where it takes you.
(Jeffery Wong)
 I nominate TM Kunisawa to write next.


リレーエッセイ I ♥ Toastmasters 「無鉄砲さと英語」

(Kazuo Hayashi)
次の書き手をTM Jeffrey Wong にお願いしたいと思います。