Records: 25th Regular Meeting

【Date】 19:00 – 21:00, Monday, March 3, 2008
【Venue】Conference Room, 2nd floor, Sogo Kenkyu Faculty of Education, Kochi University
19:00 Call to Order President
19:05 Greeting by Toastmaster of the Evening TM Nagasaki
19:10 【Special Session】 Reports : Area 43 Joint Meeting TM Yamada
19:30 【Table Topics Session】 TM Yamada
19:50 Intermission
20:00 【Formal Speech Session】
◆Speaker 1 ATM Taniguchi
◆Speaker 2 TM Sasaoka (Project 4 How to say it)
   ◆Speaker 3 TM Yamada (Project 7 Research Your Topic)
◆Speaker 4 TM Nagasaki, CC (Speeches by Management, Project 4 Status Report)
Title: Action Research as a tool for teacher development
19:45【Evaluation Session】   General Evaluator TM Taniguchi, ATM
◆Evaluator 1 TM Yamada
◆Evaluator 2 TM Yamada
◆Evaluator 3 TM Nagasaki
◆Evaluator 3 TM Taniguchi
◆General Evaluator's Report
20:50 Business Session
21:00 Adjourn President
【Guests】 Ms.Shiomi, Mr Hayashi, Ms. Sugimoto, Ms. Yoshimatsu