57th Regular Meeting

Dear members,

This is the agenda for the tomorrow's meeting.  Since some of the members
have to work tomorrow, some of the duties have been changed. Please check.

See you and enjoy the party!

DATE & TIME: 15:00-17:00, Saturday, December 4,  2010
VENUE: Conference Room ,  Kochi University Fuzoku JH School

15:00 Call to Order by President
15:05 Greeting by Toastmaster: TM Ando

Introduction of the Guests

Word Master: TM  Kato
Introduction of Evaluation Team by General Evaluator
 General Evaluator : TM Nagano
 Timer & Record Keeper : TM Nakagawa
 Ah-Counter: TM Uesugi
 Grammarian: TM Kitaoka

15:10 【Table Topics Session】 TM Ando
15:30 【Better Speaker Workshop】TM Hiromatsu

15:40 Intermission

15:50 【Formal Speech Session】
Speaker 1: TM   Nakagawa (CC #2, Ice Breaker ,4-6 min)
 Title: Danshari
Speaker 2: TM  Shimizu  (CC #5,  ,5-7 min)
 Title: A car accident
Speaker 3: TM  Yamanaka (CC #9, , 5-7 min)
 Title: The first class person
Speaker 4: TM  Kitaoka (AD "Speaking to inform"  #2, 5-7 min)
 Title: Medical TV talk show : what is osteoporosis?
Speaker 5: TM  Nagano  (AD "Speaking to inform"  #3, 5-7 min)
 Title: Three Cs

16:35 【Evaluation Session】 General Evaluator
 Evaluator 1: TM Nagasaki
 Evaluator 2: TM Hiromatsu
 Evaluator 3: TM Hayashi
 Evaluator 4: TM Tomonaga
 Evaluator5: TM Sasaoka

    Timer, Grammarian, Ah-Counter and Word Master's report
     General Evaluator's Comment

16:50 Business Session
17:00 Adjourn President

 Venue:「紺屋町酒場」  Harimaya-cho 2-6-2
 Fee: 5,000 yen