60th Regular meeting

DATE &TIME: 19:00-21:00, Monday, March 28, 2011
VENUE: Meeting Room 3, Sogo-Kyoiku, Kochi University

19:00 Call to Order by President
19:05 Greeting by Toastmaster: TM Kato
Introduction of the Guests

Word Master: TM Upul
Introduction of Evaluation Team by General Evaluator
General Evaluator : TM Yamanaka
Timer & Record Keeper : TM Hiromatsu
Ah-Counter: TM Tsuchihashi
Grammarian: TM Nagasaki

19:10 【Table Topics Session】 TM Tomonaga

19:30 Intermission

19:40 【Formal Speech Session】

Speaker 1: TM Yamaura (CC #1, The Ice Breaker ,5-7 min)
Title: What I got from Montreal
Speaker 2: TM Ando (CC #9, Persuade with power , 5-7 min)
Title: Further provisions against Nankai earthquake
Speaker 3: TM Hayashi (AD Speaking to inform, #5, 5-7 min)
Title: The joint meeting
Speaker 4: TM Nagano (AD Speaking to inform, #3, 5-7 min)
Title: Meeting different generations
Speaker 5: TM Takeda (CC #2, Organize your speech ,5-7 min)
Title : Send message to Dr.Kitaoka

20:30 【Evaluation Session】 General Evaluator

Evaluator 1: TM Upul
Evaluator 2: TM Tsuchihashi
Evaluator 3: TM Nakagawa

Evaluator 4: TM Kitaoka
Evaluator 5: TM Hiromatsu
Timer, Grammarian, Ah-Counter and Word Master's report
General Evaluator's Comment

20:55 Business Session
21:00 Adjourn President