87th Regular Meeting

DATE&TIME: 19:00-21:00, Monday, June 17, 2013
VENUE:  Meeting Room 2, Sogo-Kenkyu, Kochi University

19:00 Call to Order by President

     Club Officer Training Certificate Presentation

19:05 Greeting by Toastmaster: TM Hashimoto

Introduction of the Guests .

Word of the Day: Word Master TM Hiromatsu

Introduction of Evaluation Team by General Evaluator

General Evaluator : TM Amol

Timer & Record Keeper : TM Suzuki

Ah-Counter : TM Okanoue

Grammarian: TM Tsuchihashi

19:15 【Table Topic Session】 Table Topics Master: TM Yamanaka

19:35 Intermission

19:45 【Formal Speech Session】

Speaker 1: TM Miki (CC #2, Organize Your Speech , 5-7 min)

Title: JNR2 .

Speaker 2: TM Yoshimoto (CC #2, Organize Your Speech , 5-7 min)

Title: The Mission

Speaker 3: TM Nagasaki (AD#12,Technical Presentation Project 2 The Proposal,10-12min)

Title: "Beat the Table Topics!

20:25 【Evaluation Session】 General Evaluator

Evaluator 1: TM Tomonaga

Evaluator 2: TM Kitaoka

Evaluator 3: TM:Nagano


 Timer, Ah-Counter, Grammarian and Word Master

 General Evaluator’s Comment


Address by Toastmaster

20:50 Business Session
    Filling Out Membership Card

21:00 Adjourn President

July Meeting

Saturday, July 20th, 15:00-17:00
Training Room 2, SOLE (ソーレ第2研修室 高知市旭町3丁目115番地 TEL:088-873-9100 )

   Beer Party 18:00~  和座ダイニング東風(こち)
 高知県高知市帯屋町1-3-12 KENTビル2・3階