90th Regular Meeting

DATE&TIME:14:00-16:00, Saturday, September 21, 2013

VENUE: Dai 1 Kensyushitu, Sole, 3-115 Asahi-machi,
Kochi City

14:00 Call to Order by President
          Introduction of the Guests: Mr.Takayuki Fujii,

          Ms. Hiroko Miyoshi, Ms. Risa Hayashi

14:05 Greeting by Toastmaster: TM Hayashi
     Word of the Day: Word Master TM Ando
     Introduction of Evaluation Team by General Evaluator
     General Evaluator : TM Okuda
     Timer & Record Keeper : TM Tomonaga
     Ah-Counter : TM Kitaoka
     Grammarian: TM Tsuchihashi
14:15 Tall Tales Contest (In-house Contest)

     Contest Chair: TM Nagano

TM Hayashi "Chinese"

TM Tsuchihashi   "MRI"

TM Amol   "Marriage"

TM Tomonaga   "My Departure"

Every members did enjoy the contest.

15:05 Intermission

15:15 Formal Speech Session

          Speaker 1: TM Yoshimoto
          (CC #3, Get to the Point, 5-7 min)

          Title: “walk, don’t run”

               Speaker 2: TM Miki

               (CC#4, How to Say It, 5-7min)
               Title: "JNR4”

               Speaker 3: TM Hashimoto

               (CC#8,Get Comfortable with

          Visual Aids,5-7min)

               Title: ”ONEE man”

15:45 Evaluation Session General Evaluator
          Evaluator 1: TM Adachi

          Evaluator 2: TM Tomii

          Evaluator 3: TM Nagasaki

          Timer, Ah-Counter, Grammarian and Word Master

          General Evaluator’s Comment


          Address by Toastmaster

15:55 Award Presentation

          1st Prize TM Adachi "New Rental System"

          2nd Prize TM Kitaoka "The Olympic Presentation"

          3rd Prize TM Hiromatsu "My Previous Job"

          And congratulations for all members!

          Business Session

16:00 Adjourn President