99th Regular Meeting

DATE:    Saturday, July 12, 2014
VENUE:  321 Room 2F Kyotsu-Kyoiku 3, Kochi Univ.

15:00 Officer installation ceremony

15:15 Call to Order by President

15:20 Greeting by Toastmaster: TM Nagano
      Word of the Day: Word Master: TM Tomii
      Introduction of Evaluation Team by General Evaluator
      General Evaluator: TM Nagasaki
      Timer & Record Keeper: TM Okuda
      Ah-Counter: TM Kunisawa       
      Grammarian: TM Hayashi

15:30【Table Topic Session】Table Topic Master: TM Adachi

15:55 【Formal Speech Session】
       Speaker 1: TM Sawada (CC#1, The Ice Breaker, 4-6min)

      Speaker 2: TM Fukuda
        Title: Walking along the river (CC#2, Organize your speech, 5-7min)              

  Speaker 3: TM Hiromatsu
        Title: English Rakugo 2 (AD#5, The Entertaining Speaker#5,
  Speaking After Dinner, 8-10min)

16:25 【Evaluation session】General Evaluator
       Evaluator 1: TM Yano
       Evaluator 2: TM Yamanaka
       Evaluator 3: TM Tsuchihashi

   Timer, Ah-Counter, Grammarian and Word Master
      General Evaluator’s Comment

 Address by Toastmaster

17:00 Business Session

        Adjourn  President