102nd Regular Meeting

DATE:   Mon, Oct 27, 2014
 Kenshyushitsu B, 5F, Kochi Kenritsu Fukushi Kouryu Plaza

19:00 Call to Order by President
Introduction of the Guests 
19:05 Greeting by Toastmaster: TM Hiromatsu
Word of the Day: Word Master: TM Rai 
Introduction of Evaluation Team by General Evaluator
      General Evaluator TM Nagano
Timer & Record Keeper: TM Rai
Ah-Counter: TM Fukuda
Grammarian: TM Hashimoto 
19:15 Table Topic Session Table Topics Master: TM Nagasaki
19:35   Intermission
19:45 Formal Speech Session
Speaker 1:  TM Watanabe (CC #3, Get to the Point, 5-7 min.)
  Title:“Urgent! Is it really important

Speaker 2:  TM Kunisawa (CC #3, Get to the Point, 5-7 min.)
          Title: Toastmasters International Convention

Speaker 3:  TM Tsuchihashi (AD#2 Public Relations, Project 1, The Goodwill Speech, 5-7min .)     
  Title: Why I’m Confident about Speeches

20:20 Evaluation Session General Evaluator
Evaluator 1: TM Okuda
Evaluator 2: TM Hayashi
Evaluator 3: TM Yamanaka

Timer, Ah-Counter, Grammarian and Word Master
General Evaluator’s Comment
 Address by Toastmaster
20:50 Business Session

21:00 Adjourn    President