Kochi Toastmasters Club 127th Regular Meeting Minutes

Kochi Toastmasters Club 127th Regular Meeting Minutes
Date: November 28th  2016
Location: Kochi University Asakura Campus
Attendees: TM Nagasaki, TM Kunisawa, TM Sachi Nagano, TM Tomonaga, TM Hayashi, TM Shinomiya, TM Miyoshi, TM Sawada, TM Yoichi Nagano and TM Cooley
Guests: Ms. Piper O’Dowd(3), Mr. Okazaki(1)
Absentees: TM Kitaoka, TM Tsuchihashi, TM Hashimoto, TM Wong, TM Rai, TM Machida, TM Kamisaka, TM Adachi, and TM Kumon
       19:00; Call to Order and Opening Remarks by President TM Sachi  Nagano:
I`d like to call the 125th Regular Meeting to order. I`d also like to introduce our 2 guests, Piper O’Dowd and Mr. Okazaki as well as our toastmaster for this meeting, TM Sawada.
       Introduction of Guests: Piper and Mr. Okazaki made slight bows.
       19:03; Greetings By the Toastmaster of the meeting, TM Sawada:
Welcome to the meeting. I hope you will enjoy the meeting by participating. The meeting has three parts: Table Topics, formal speeches and evaluation.
       Word of the Day by TM Sachi Nagano: TM Sachi Nagano introduced the word `mesmerize`. It is a verb meaning to capture the complete attention of someone.
       Introduction of the Evaluation Team by TM Kunisawa:
-Timer: TM Miyoshi
-Vote Counter: TM Shinomiya
-Ah Counter: TM Shinomiya
-Grammarian: TM Piper
       19:10; Table Topics Session presided by TM S. Nagano: TM S. Nagano encouraged the participants to remember to use “mesmerize” in their speech. The speakers were to find and tell good  points of a person or a thing.
TM Y. Nagano found good points of US President elect, Donald Trump, Piper found good points of Ryoma Passport, TM Hayashi found good points of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, TM Sawada found good points of forgetfulness, TM Shinomiya found good points of an aging society, TM Kunisawa found good points of US President candidate, Hilary Clinton, TM Miyoshi found good points of a New Year’s eve, and TM Nagasaki found good points of a small-number-attendees meeting.
19:45; Formal Speech Session presided by TM Sawada:
-TM Cooley did her 9th speech titled “Skin Deep”, Persuade with Power, in the Competent Communicator Manual. The speech objectives were;
  To sell your audience on a thing, an idea, a concept, or an opportunity
  At the end of your speech, ask for a sign from your audience that they are sold.
This speech was about how people with tattoos, especially from foreign countries, often get them for reasons that are highly personal and not related to being a criminal. You don’t have to like tattoos, and I don’t feel it is necessary to change laws regarding them, but please give people themselves through actions, not appearance.
-TM Tomonaga gave a speech titled “It is good to be bilingual” from the Advanced Manual on Technical Briefing #6 .
Being bilingual seems to be a good thing. Bilingual people can interact with foreign people seamlessly in other country. In addition, a recent study showed that being bilingual is good for our health, especially for brain heath, Let’s keep learning foreign language and maintaining our mental health.
20:00; Evaluation Session presided by TM Kunisawa:
-Evaluator for TM Cooley: TM Nagasaki
-Evaluator for TM Tomonaga: TM Y. Nagano
       20:10, Evaluation Team Reports:
-Ah Counter` Report: TM Shinomiya
-Grammarian`s Report: Piper
-Word Master`s Report: TM S. Nagano
-General Evaluator`s Report: TM Kunisawa
       20:20; Sharing and Awards (Given by TM S. Nagano):
-TM Y. Nagano won the “Best Table Topics Award”.
       20:30; Business Session presided by TM Nagasaki:
The following roles were decided for the next meeting:
-Toastmaster of the meeting: TM Nagasaki
-Word Master: TM Piper
-General Evaluator: TM Tomonaga
-Timer: TM Hashimoto
-Table Topics Master: TM Y. Nagano
-Vote Counter: TM Shinomiya
-Ah Counter: TM Miyoshi
-Grammarian: TM Wong
-Formal Speech: TM Tsuchihashi, TM Kitaoka, TM Kunisawa, and TM Piper O’Dowd
-Speech Evaluators: TM S. Nagano, TM Hayashi, and TM Cooley, and TM Adachi
      20:50; Additional Table Topics Session: Find good points of the person next seat.

       21:00; Meeting Adjourned