45th Regular Meeting

【Date】 19:00 - 21:00, Monday, November 30, 2009
【Venue】Conference Room Number Two
(the 2nd floor, Sogo Kenkyu Faculty of Education) Kochi univ.

19:00 Call to Order President

19:05 Greeting by Toastmaster of the Evening: TM Hiromatsu

Guests: Ms Michelle Wigianto
Mr Watari Yuichi, Nihonbashi Century TM Club

19:10 【Table Topics Session】 TM Taniguchi

19:30 【Current Topic Session】 "Two truths and a lie" TM Nagasaki
* Please tell us three things about you. But three things must
include two truths about you and one lie. Members have to guess
what the lie is. Finally we will choose the best liar!

19:50 Intermission

20:00 【Formal Speech Session】

Speaker 1: TM Hayashi (CC Project 10:Inspire your audience )
Title: 'What do you call your spouse?'.
Speaker 2: TM Yamanaka (CC Project 2: Organize your speech)
Title:  "Dog's taste and human's taste"
Speaker 3: TM Nagano (CC Project 9: Persuade with power)
Title:"Make up"

20:40 【Evaluation Session】 General Evaluator TM Kitaoka

Evaluator 1 TM: TM Nagasaki
Evaluator 2 TM: TM Tomonaga
Evaluator 3 TM: TM Ando
Timer: TM Hayashi
Grammarian & Record Keeper: TM Yamanaka Word of the day: “red”
General Evaluator's Report

20:50 Business Session
- A letter from TM Minami
- Joint Meeting Jan.10, 2010 in Okayama
- Request : date change
December meeting & Bonenkai (Formerly scheduled on Dec. 12)
46th Regular Meeting 15:00 - 17:00 Saturday, December 19, 2009
Bonenkai 17:30-
- Regular meeting on the go Nangoku-shi

21:00 Adjourn President