Kochi Toastmasters Club 124th Regular Meeting Minutes

Date: August 22nd, 2016
Location: Kochi University, Asakura Campus
Attendees: TM Shinomiya, TM Nagasaki, TM Sachi Nagano, TM Hayashi, TM Tomonaga, TM Tsuchihashi, TM Hashimoto, TM Adachi, TM Kunisawa, TM Rai, TM Cooley, TM Kamisaka, and TM Yoichi Nagano
Absentees: TM Kitaoka, TM Ando, TM Tomii, TM Yoshimoto, TM wong, TM Fukuda, TM Sawada, TM Machida, TM Kumon, and TM Miyoshi
       19:00; Call to Order and Opening Remarks by President TM S. Nagano: TM Tsuchihashi served as one of facilitators of the Club Officer Training on July 31 in Hiroshima as Area 72 Director.
       19:03; Greetings By the Toastmaster of the day, TM Tsuchihashi: We expect many sessions today and time is limited. So I hope the smooth running of the meeting.
       Introduction of the Evaluation Team by TM Tomonaga:
-Timer: TM Adachi, TM Rai
-Vote Counter: TM Shinomiya
-Ah Counter: TM Cooley
-Grammarian: Kunisawa
       19:10; Formal Speech Session presided by TM Tsuchihashi:
-TM Yochi Nagano gave his 2nd speech ”My Soul Food”  in the CC manual #2 ”Organize Your Speech”. Kochi residents eat a lot of bonito with various ways, but don’t familiar with soup from dried bonito and use less in general. I think this is odd. So I want to know the reasons. Why? I try to figure out an answer to the question from the historic point of view.
-TM Kamisaka did her 4th Speech “My job Hunting” in the CC Manual #4 “How to Say It” I failed job interviews so many times because I suffered from social anxiety. So once I lost my confidence completely however, in the end I met a fateful company thanks to many people's support. I had to overcome many ordeals but I've grown as a person while job hunting. 
-TM Hashimoto gave her 1st speech “My Prayer” in the AC Manual “The Entertaining Speach”. My experience that I did hand copying Sutra at The Moss Temple in Kyoto. Compared with other people’s, my prayer was too greedy.
       18:25; Evaluation Session presided by TM Tomonaga:
-Evaluator for TM Y. Nagano: TM Nagasaki
-Evaluator for TM Kamisaka: TM Rai
-Evaluator for TM Hashimoto: TM Cooley
       18:40, Evaluation Team Reports:
-Timer`s Report: TM Adachi
-Ah Counter` Report: TM Cooley
-Grammarian`s Report: TM Kunisawa
-General Evaluator`s Report: TM Tomonaga
       19:45; Sharing
       19:55; Table Topics Contest
Contest Chair & Topics Master: TM Tsuchihashi
       1) Preliminary Session (3 groups)
Topic1: Who is the strongest person you know?
Topic2: What is your greatest skill?
Topic 3: What is your happiest memory?
Topic 4: What is your biggest reglet?
       2) Final
Topic: Who do you love most about yourself?
       20:35; Business Session presided by TM Nagasaki:
1)  Officers
-President: Nothing
-Secretary: Sought approval for the July minutes. Minutes was approved.
VPM: Making invitation filer now.
VPPR: Nothing
Treasure: Sought approval for the budget and raise the dues from ¥6,000 to ¥7,200 per half a year.  Both were approved. Asked for paying dues.
SAA: We have meeting 8 times at Asakura and four at Eikokuji.
2)  Next Regular Meeting
The following roles were decided for the next meeting:
-Toastmaster of the meeting: TM Kunisawa
-Word Master: TM Sachi Nagano
-General Evaluator: TM Hayashi
-Table Topics Master: TM Shinomiya
-Vote Counter: TM Sawada
-Ah Counter: TM Wong
-Grammarian: TM
-FS 1: TM Cooley
-FS2: TM Nagasaki (Best Speaker Series)
-Evaluator: for TM Cooley: TM Kamisaka
        Awards (Given by TM Tsuchihashi & TM S. Nagano):
-One of the three speakers was disqualified. No-one won.
-TM Cooley won the “Best Evaluator Award”.
-TM Cooley got a first place in the Table Topics Speech Contest and will proceed through the Area Table Topics Speech Contest (English).
-TM S. Nagano got a second place in the Table Topics Speech Contest and will proceed through the Area Table Speech Topics Contest (Japanese).

       21:00; Meeting Adjourned