Moments of Truth (2016.9.24の例会より)

VPEの長崎です。先日の例会で、Successful Club Seriesの中から Moments of Truthをやらせてもらいました。とてもいい意見もでて、盛り上がったのですが、残念ながら時間切れになり、discussionの結果を共有する時間が十分にとれませんでした。申し訳ありませんでした。いつか、時間をとって、共有していきたいですね。

また、その日はあいにく欠席の方も多かったので、Moments of Truthの趣旨を理解していただくために、その日の議論で使った Club Quality Standards Evaluationを掲載しておきます。


Club Quality Standards Evaluation

First Impressions

  • Guests greeted warmly and introduced to officers and members
  • Guest book and name tags provided
  • Professionally arranged meeting room
  • Convenient meeting location
  • Guests invited to address the club
  • Guests invited to join

Membership Orientation

  • Formal induction, including presentation of membership pin and manuals
  • Assignment of mentor
  • Education programs and recognition
  • system discussed
  • Learning needs assessed
  • Speaking role(s) assigned
  • Member involved in all aspects of club activities

Fellowship, Variety, and Communication

  • Guests greeted warmly and made welcome
  • Enjoyable, educational meetings planned
  • Regularly scheduled social events
  • Members participate in area, district, and International events
  • Inter-club events encouraged
  • Club newsletter/website published and updated regularly

Program Planning and Meeting Organization

  • Program and agenda publicized in advance
  • Members know program responsibilities and are prepared to carry out all assignments
  • All projects are manual projects
  • Meetings begin and end on time
  • Creative Table Topics™ and activities
  • Positive and helpful evaluations

Membership Strength

  • Club has 20 or more members
  • Members are retained
  • Promotion of club in the community or within its organization
  • Club programs varied and exciting
  • Toastmasters sponsoring new members recognizedRegular
  • membership-building programs

Achievement Recognition

  • Award applications immediately submitted to World Headquarters
  • Progress charts displayed and maintained
  • Member achievements formally recognized with ceremony
  • Club, district, and International leaders recognizedClub
  • and member achievements publicized
  • DCP is used for planning
[Source] MOMENTS OF TRUTH, Club Quality Standards Evaluation, Toastmasters International.

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