Kochi Toastmasters Club 130th Regular Meeting Minutes

DATE&TIME: 19:00-21:00, Monday, February 27th, 2017,
VENUE: Room 2, Sogo-Kenkyu Building, Kochi University

Atte      Attendees: TM Shinomiya, TM Nagasaki, TM S. Nagano, TM Hayashi, TM Tsuchihashi,              TM Hashimoto, TM Adachi, TM Wong, TM Kunisawa, TM Y. Nagano, TM Miyoshi, TM O’Dowd, TM Cooley, TM Sawada, TM Kamisaka, TM Kumon and TM Tomonaga

Absentees: TM Rai, TM Machida and TM Kitaoka

-Call to Order by President: TM S. Nagano congratulated TM Wong on successfully conpleting the Kochi Ryoma Marathon. In addition, she informed the attendees that during this meeting the in-house speech contest would also be held.

Introduction of Guests:  There were no guests.
-Greeting by Toastmaster:  TM Adachi, the TM of the meeting, greeted everyone present at the meeting. She also explained that before having the Speech Contest, there would be a formal speech session to let TM Kamisaka give her 5th speech.

-Word Master: None
-Grammarian and Ah- Counter: None

-General Evaluator: None

-Timers: TM Hayashi and TM O`Dowd  

-Table Topics Master: None

-Speech Evaluator: TM Tomonaga

-TM Hayashi and TM O`Dowd explained the timing rules for TM Kamisaka`s speech.

-TM Kamisaka gave her 5th speech in the CC Manual: 

In her 5th speech from the CC Manual which focused on body language entitled “Kochi my second home”, she talked about coming to Kochi six years ago to study in university and how the experience allowed her to learn many things. For example, the difficulties encountered while living alone such as dealing with the NHK man and being unable to resist the extremely delicious food from Kochi. She also talked about the best things about coming to Kochi which were noticing an improvement in her English skills as well as meeting and becoming friends with a slew of amazing people from all over the world. Most importantly, Kochi has become her second home and she will miss everyone who made her time there so special.

-Evaluation Session: Evaluator : TM Tomonaga

-In-House English Speech Contest:

-Roles of members:

TM Adachi and TM Kunisawa: Contest Chairs

TM Tsuchihashi: Gave Opening Address

TM Nagasaki: Chief Judge

TM Hashimoto, TM Tomonaga and TM Shinomiya: Judges

TM Y. Nagano and TM Miyoshi: Tally Counters

TM Hayashi and TM O`Dowd: Timers

-The rules were explained and then the speech order was determined for the three contestants. Here was the order:

1. TM Sawada “Let`s enjoy Japanese home cooking”, a speech talking about how difficult it is to actually cook authentic Japanese home cooking.

2. TM Wong “What was I thinking”, a speech about climbing a volcano in Chile called Villarica and what the experience taught him.

3. TM Cooley “Half of what you see”, a speech about the spread of fake news and how to combat it.

-Before announcing the winner, TM Nagasaki had the members do an exchange talk session which involved a small brainstorm and presentation session about topics relevant to becoming better Toastmasters.

-The winner of the In-House English Speech Contest was TM Cooley. She received the first place certificate from TM S. Nagano. TM Cooley will represent Kochi Toastmasters Club at the Area Contest in March.

-At the end of the meeting, TM Kamisaka, who was attending her final meeting, thanked everyone for making her feel welcome at the club. She hopes that we will come visit her in Hiroshima in the future.

Business session:
TM Nagasaki suggested changing the day of the meetings from the 4th Monday to the 4th Sunday of the month for spring meetings. This will be discussed further and a decision will be made soon.

Roles for the next meeting:
TM of the Meeting: TM Shinomiya

Table Topics: TM Kunisawa

General Evaluator: S. Nagano

Time: TM Sawada

Ah Counter/Grammarian: TM O`Dowd

Speakers: TM Adachi

                 TM Miyoshi

                 TM Tschuchihashi

Speech Evaluator: TM Wong