Kochi Toastmasters Club 131st Regular Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: 19:00-21:00, Monday, March 27th 2017
Location: Room 2, Sogo-Kenkyu Building, Kochi University
Attendees: TM Shinomiya, TM Nagasaki, TM S. Nagano, TM Hayashi, TM Tomonaga, TM Tsuchihashi, TM Hashimoto, TM Adachi,  TM Kunisawa, TM Sawada, TM Kumon, TM Cooley, TM Y. Nagano, TM Miyoshi, and TM O`Dowd
Absentees: TM Kitaoka, TM Wong, TM Rai, TM Machida, and TM Kamisaka
-Opening address by S. Nagano, President of Kochi Toastmasters Club:
President S. Nagano called the 131st regular meeting to order. She also expressed her gratitude for every member’s contribution to Area 72 International Speech Contest.
-Introduction of a Guest:  The guest, Mr. Yamaguchi, was introduced.
-Address by TM Shinomiya, Toastmaster of the Day, greeted everyone present at the meeting.
Word of the Day: Word Master: TM Tomonaga: She chose the word 'strive'.                                                                                                                                       -Introduction of Evaluation Team:
-General Evaluator: TM S. Nagano
-Timer: TM Sawada      -Vote-Counter: TM Kumon
-Ah-Counter: TM O’Dowd  -Grammarian: TM Cooley
- Table Topics Session  Table Topics Master: TM Kunisawa:
During the session, TM Kunisawa had the participants describe something to do with spring memories or experiences. The list of speakers was as follows:
Speaker 1: TM Hayashi, what to do when spring comes
Speaker 2: TM Kumon, a song she thinks of when spring comes
Speaker 3: TM Nagasaki, his memorable dating in spring
Speaker 4: Mr Yamaguchi, what he has decided to do start doing in spring
Speaker 5: TM Tomonaga, a memorable person in spring
Speaker 6: TM O’Dowd, a movie she thinks of when spring comes
Speaker 7: TM Hashimoto, her favorite spring food
-Timer’s Report & Voting
-Formal Speech Session:
 Speaker 1: TM Miyoshi:  (CC #3 Get to the Point, 5-7 min) Title-Let’s use our body
 She injured her right knee at the age of 13.  Since then she has been troubled by various symptoms for a long time especially in winter. But after retiring, she started to play tennis almost every other day  and began to ride a bicycle to the tennis court.  In 2 years, her knee has almost recovered.  To use parts of our body moderately is the most effective way to recover from injuries and make them function well.  "Use it or lose it" 
Speaker 2: TM Adachi: (CC #8 Get comfortable with visual aids, 5-7 min)  Title- Lifelong Learning
She has been learning stained glass for more than 5 years. She has learned many things.
Trials, errors, and improvements are important in making something. Five students are learning together. They have the same hobby, but their aims, interests, and ways of learning something are different. But they enjoy refreshing as well as making something with stained glass together.
 Speaker 3: TM Tsuchihashi: (The Successful Club Series, 10-15 min) Title- Narikiri-meijin
She gave an educational speech focused on enhancing the quality of club meeting. In her presentation, she suggested that to make regular meeting high in quality, assigned members should check their roles, read CC manual and practice like a Narikiri-meijin before a meeting.
-Evaluation Session  General Evaluator, S. Nagano
    Evaluator 1: TM  Hayashi
    Evaluator 2: TM  Y. Nagano
    Evaluator 3: TM Hashimoto(Written Evaluation Only)
     -Timer’s Report & Vote
 -Reports :
    Ah-Counter, Grammarian, Word Master
    General Evaluator’s Comments
   Address by Toastmaster, TM Shinomiya
-Award Presentation: Best TT Speaker: TM O’Dowd, Best FS Speaker: Since two of the three were disqualified, no one was selected. Best Evaluation Speaker: Since there were only two speakers, no one was selected.
-Business Session 
    President S. Nagano appointed IPP Tomonaga to the club officers’ nomination committee chairperson and TM Tomonaga accepted. TM Tomonaga selected TM Nagasaki and TM Adachi for the committee members.
    TM Nagasaki suggested changing the day of the meetings from the 4th Monday to the 4th Sunday of the month and it was accepted.
The regular meetings have been rescheduled.
    Time:  15:00-17:00
    Venue:  Eikokuji Campus, Kochi University of Technology
The upcoming meeting dates:
April 22 (Sat)
May 27 (Sat)
June 24 (Sat)
July 22 (Sat)
Roles for the next meeting:
TM of the Meeting: TM Nagasaki
Table Topics: TM Sawada
General Evaluator: Adachi
Time: TM Kumon
Ah Counter: TM Miyoshi
Grammarian: TM O’Dowd
TM Hayashi
          TM Tomonaga
          TM Y. Nagano
          TM Shinomiya
Speech Evaluator:
TM Cooley
TM S. Nagano
TM Wong
TM Nagasaki

-21:00 Adjourn