Kochi Toastmasters Club 125th Regular Meeting Minutes

Kochi Toastmasters Club 125th Regular Meeting Minutes
Date: September 24th  2016
Location: Kochi University of Technology (KUT), Eikokuji Campus
Attendees: TM Nagasaki, TM Kunisawa, TM Sachi Nagano, TM Kitaoka, TM Tomonaga, TM Adachi, TM Hayashi, TM Hashimoto, TM Shinomiya, TM Wong, TM Kamisaka, TM Miyoshi and TM Cooley
Absentees: TM Ando, TM Tomii, TM Yoshimoto, TM Fukuda, TM Sawada, TM Rai, TM Tsuchihashi, TM Machida, TM Youichi Nagano and TM Kumon
       15:00; Call to Order and Opening Remarks by President TM Sachi  Nagano:
I`d like to call the 125th Regular Meeting to order. I`d also like to introduce our 2 guests, Aya Mitsui and Piper O`Dowd as well as our toastmaster for this meeting, TM Kunisawa.
       Introduction of Guests: Piper and Aya introduced themselves.
       15:03; Greetings By the Toastmaster of the meeting, TM Kunisawa:
Welcome to the meeting. I am very happy. There are two announcements. One, TM Sawada is not here so TM Nagasaki is now the vote counter. Two, we will use a new procedure for the Timer`s report: In each speech session whether it is Table Topics, Formal Speeches or Evaluation, the speakers will give their speeches first, afterwards the Timer will give their report indicating whether or not the speech  has qualified, finally there will be the voting session for people to vote for which qualified speech they liked best. Also, TM Nagasaki would like to mention that he has made a formal speech planning sheet and a role sheet to help us make Business Sessions run more smoothly. I hope you will enjoy the meeting by participating. The meeting has three parts: Table Topics, formal speeches and evaluation.
       Word of the Day by TM Sachi Nagano: TM Sachi Nagano introduced the word `content`. It is an adjective that means being happy enough, but not satisfied.
       Introduction of the Evaluation Team by TM Hayashi:
-Timer: TM Miyoshi
-Vote Counter: TM Nagasaki
-Ah Counter: TM Wong
-Grammarian: TM Adachi
       15:10; Table Topics Session presided by TM Shinomiya: TM Shinoniya wanted to prepare TM Cooley and TM Sachi Nagano for the upcoming Table Topics Contest in Imabari by asking them interesting questions that would require them to work their brains. She also asked other members as well. Some examples of questions she asked include “Ten years from now what will you do”?, “If a humanoid robot showed up at your house, how would you use it”?, “If you had a universal translator whose voice would you like to hear translate”?, and “If you had to present something at an exhibition in 2116, what would it be”?. 
       15:40; Formal Speech Session presided by TM Kunisawa:
-TM Cooley did her 8th speech in the Competent Communicator Manual. The goal was to get comfortable using visual aids. Her speech was about working in customer service. She started her speech by explaining a strange case in which a student got lost trying to get to the museum she worked at. She showed us a map showing us exactly how far the student was from the museum. She then went on to explain how despite having studied in anthropology, she was not able to find work in her field and instead navigated the perilous confines of the customer service industry having worked at a children`s and arts museum as well as an expensive cosmetics company that sold cosmetics that don`t even work. She used pictures to help illustrate her points. Overall, she has had many experiences good and bad and learned many things. She feels that she likes helping people and values kindness above all else.

-TM Nagasaki gave a speech from the Successful Club Series on Moments of Truth. He started by saying that “We have to work hard to make our club great. We need to be in good standing and have a healthy club”. He explained how Moments of Truth are a way to help make our club better. There are 6 Moments of Truth:
-First Impressions
-Membership Orientation
-Fellowship, Variety and Communication
-Program Planning and Meeting Organization
-Membership Strength
-Achievement Recognition
After finishing his explanation, he then had members get into groups to evaluate our club based on these Moments of Truth and discuss ways to improve in the areas where we are lacking.

16:20; Evaluation Session presided by TM Hayashi:
-Evaluator for TM Cooley: TM Kamisaka
-Evaluator for TM Nagasaki: TM Tomonaga
       16:25, Evaluation Team Reports:
-Ah Counter` Report: TM Wong
-Grammarian`s Report: TM Adachi
-Word Master`s Report: TM Sachi Nagano
-General Evaluator`s Report: TM Hayashi
       16:25; Sharing and Awards (Given by TM Nagasaki):
-TM Cooley and TM Kitaoka won the “Best Table Topics Award”.
       16:40; Business Session presided by TM Nagasaki:
The following roles were decided for the next meeting:
-Toastmaster of the meeting: TM Wong
-Word Master: TM Hayashi
-General Evaluator: TM Tsuchihashi
-Timer: TM Rai
-Table Topics Master: TM Tomonaga
-Vote Counter: TM Hashimoto
-Ah Counter: TM Kunisawawa
-Grammarian: TM Cooley
-Formal Speech: TM Miyoshi, TM Adachi and TM Sachi Nagano
-Speech Evaluators: TM Kunisawa, TM Sawada and TM Shinomiya

       17:00; Meeting Adjourned